December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone who celebrated Christmas enjoyed themselves. The streets are so pretty this time of year. Everything glowing with holiday lights. I absolutely love it. One of my favorite spots is Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market area in Boston.

December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! This is this years' holiday mailer. Maybe you were lucky and received it. If not you get to see it here. Enjoy!!

December 17, 2012

DCI Products!

Got to shoot some new fun products for DCI recently. These will be part of the 2013 line. Here are a few of my favorite shots. Enjoy!

December 14, 2012

Happy Hanukkah!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Hanukkah. Here is an image to make you smile!

November 19, 2012

"Real Time" Photo Exhibit

Sony held the first "real time" photo exhibit in London. They had 3 photographers shoot in 3 different cities with wifi cameras, and the instant a photo was taken it was uploaded to the gallery. Photos were on view and constantly changing as the photographers view through the camera changed. I think it is an interesting idea. You can get a real view into the photographers' world through the lens. As for the photographer though, could be a little tough... There is no ability to edit the image before someone sees it. No cropping, color correction, etc. It is a true journalistic concept, take the photo and show the public.

You can read more HERE.

November 12, 2012


Some new boxing concepts featuring my photos. I really like how in the two square ones it is one image that wraps the whole box. Keep an eye out for them on an shelf near you!

October 29, 2012

Food n Things

Here are some images recently shot for Stockfood. Enjoy!

October 10, 2012

Fall Foliage!

There are many perks to living in New England. One of the best is the foliage that occurs every fall. Depending where you are it can be just stunning! One would think since I live up here that I shoot the foliage all the time. However, this is the first time I have ever ventured out with just that in mind. Of course the day I planned on ended up being cloudy, but I made the best of it. Here are some shots from a little north of Boston. No photoshop work here, just nature at its' best.

October 3, 2012

Polaroid: Gone but never forgotten

When I was a kid Polaroid was magical. I mean who wouldn't love taking a picture and having the camera spit out a fun print. One of my childhood friends father worked for Polaroid, and I just thought "wow he has the coolest job ever, he gets to work with the magical camera all day long." I am sure we all have some great polaroid memories.

I started my professional career using polaroids as test shots for lighting and double checking set ups. I will never forget that smell of of a freshly processed polaroid. I must have thousands of reference polaroids. It was something I did every shoot without thinking twice, shoot a polaroid. It would make clients happy being able to see some idea of what the film would look like. It would satisfy me, knowing my film should come out the way I want it to. Every professional photographer I know at one point used polaroids to test set ups before shooting the film. I remember being on location having assistants rubbing to keep the polaroid warm, holding it under their arm for warmth,  so it would process faster. Once digital came in full force we had no need for polaroids. Digital can do it all, give the preview and the final result. It makes me sad knowing that Polaroid is gone. At one point it was revolutionary being able to shoot a picture and get an instant print. Now it is expected.

Edwin Land, the man behind polaroid, was a genius. From his business ideas to his product execution. In fact, he predicted we would have some type of mobile camera device (cell phone) we take everywhere and share pictures with. When he had this idea people thought he was crazy, and now look... it's here. Christopher Bonanos just released a book, Instant; The story of Polaroid. I cannot wait to read it. Above is the trailer for the book. It is terrific!

September 28, 2012

Final Boxing

Here are a couple final flatware boxes with my images on them, two different styles. I really like when clients use a huge image and cover the whole outside of the box, like shown here. Also, it is so nice to see the final result. I don't always get the chance to see everything come together (photography and design) to make the final product. Usually after I turn over the images they go through different stages of design and then into the world! Keep an eye out for them on shelves near you!

September 21, 2012

iPhone Mania

So yet today is the release of another iPhone. I figured I would show my support by posting some iPhone accessories I recently shot for Decor Craft Inc. Some fun cords you can wear and carry your phone with. Stylus pens too!

September 12, 2012

An ode to film

So much has happened since digital photography emerged. Taking pictures has become more accessible. With cell phone cameras improving everyone thinks they are a photographer, and what was considered a unique winning photo has declined. And... recently Kodak announced it will be selling off its film and paper photo business. This is sad news. Sad that not enough people have an interest in "old school" photography ways to keep it alive.

I started my professional career shooting film and polaroids, then moving on to digital. While digital is so much more convenient, there was just something about film that it will never possess. Maybe it was knowing that my whole shoot rested in those 4x5 sheets of film that I would rush to the lab. Always anxiously anticipating the processing results. Sitting at the light table reviewing them, and being so happy with the results was a great feeling. One that digital will never give me. There was a certain art and patience to shooting film that digital has over taken. Everyone assumes since it was shot digitally it is instantly available to them. Hurry up and process those raw files we need them now. I hear that all to often. I feel lucky to have been part of the film era. Those who skipped past it missed out on learning why photography is so amazing. While my digital system may give me better image quality than film (which don't get me wrong I love) it will never give me that unique film and paper processing smell from the darkroom.

For the full story on Kodak CLICK HERE

September 10, 2012

Cupcake Madness

What is better than cupcakes and cute kids? There is a new cupcake business in town, Sugar Mama. I recently did a shoot for their upcoming website. These are some of my favorites.

August 29, 2012

World's Most Expensive Camera Lens!

That's right folks the most expensive lens ever just sold for $2,064,500. The lens is a German Leica SPO-Telyt-R 1:5.6/1600mm lens. It was huge. So large it weighs 132 lbs. and needs its' own tripod. Of course this lens was custom made. It should be no surprise that Leica was the manufacturer. After all, Leica is also the maker of the world's most expensive camera. A Leica O-series which sold for $2.79 million. Leica has long been a big competitor for beautiful cameras and glass lenses. Some of the best out there. To read more about this lens click here.

August 15, 2012

Camera that recognizes your face by name!

We all know that technology has come a long way, and continues to keep evolving. This most definitely includes camera technology. One of the most recent developments is a camera called Facedeals. This camera takes your photo when you enter an establishment, recognizes your face, then checks you in on Facebook. Is technology going to far? Are we getting to the point where you can't even go some place with privacy? These are all questions we need to think about. With our advanced cell phones we are constantly connected to the world. You can be anywhere and just pop on Facebook without a computer. I value my privacy, and don't always want the world to know what I am doing. Whether this camera actually becomes available to the public is yet to be seen. Currently it is still undergoing testing, but it surely exists. For the full story on it CLICK HERE.

August 8, 2012


I don't always get to see how my photos end up being used on the packaging I sometimes shoot for. As a photographer you usually shoot the product samples, then the images get to the creative director, and then off to the design team. So the end result is not something I always get to see. In this case I did. Here is some final packaging for DCI with images I shot. Keep an eye out for them in a store near you!

July 23, 2012

New email promo

For those of you who check the blog recently you probably have already seen the images in this promo.  This promo was emailed out last week.

July 18, 2012

Yep, here is another food post!

You shouldn't be surprised by yet another post of fantastic food photos. After all it is expected on this blog! The last one is my favorite. Enjoy...

July 13, 2012

July 18, 1992

Most of us have no idea of the significance that July 18, 1992 plays in each of our daily lives. It is a rather historic day and one we all should celebrate. It is the day the first photo ever was uploaded onto the internet! Silvano de Gennaro took this photo and passed it onto his coworker and internet creator Tim Berners-Lee. The rest is history. The funny thing is the photo is nothing spectacular. It is just a snapshot of a wannabe pop group that was then edited using Photoshop 1.0! As we approach the 20th anniversary of this day, take a moment and realize the long way we have come with our photo technology. And smile! 

Full story can be read HERE.

July 11, 2012

Women and Photography

So PDN recently came out with a new "women's magazine".  At first I thought, wow great a publication about what female photographers are doing! But then I saw it and was totally taken back. The publication tells nothing about what female photographers are up to. Instead it talks about what women should be wearing and furnishing their home and family life with. Being a female photographer in a world that was once dominated by men is hard enough. The last thing we need is a magazine pointing out that women only relate to make-up, fashion, goofy products with cameras on them, and babies. Nadia Sablin made a great point in her letter to The Nielsen Group.

June 21, 2012


So to continue on with a post I did a few days ago about camera phones. There are many photo apps out there for your camera as well. Some include HipstamaticCamera+, and Instagram, one of my absolute favorites. It allows you to take photos, apply a filter of your choice, and then share into a photo community. It makes me feel like I am keeping a visual journal. Which I absolutely love! Being able to apply a filter also helps to bring in some more creativity. It also makes me think about the photo I'm taking even further. A mentor of mine, Keith Jenkins, recently wrote a great article about camera phones. You can read it by clicking HERE. Enjoy these few Instagram photos as well.