May 30, 2012

Mikasa Flatware

So I have been shooting a lot of Mikasa flatware for packaging and advertising. Here are a couple test shots.

May 14, 2012

Worlds most expensive camera....sold for 2.79 million US dollars

So if you had to guess what it would be most would think a high end digital camera of some sort. Maybe either a digital medium format or 4x5 with many many megapixels. Actually it is just the complete opposite. It is the pre-production Leica O-series. This camera was made as a test for 35mm cameras before any existed. So this is a very rare camera to own. Especially since only 12 are known to still be around. Oh what I would do to hold one of these time changing beauties just for a brief minute. 

More info on the story of the auction can be found HERE

May 11, 2012

B&W Digital Camera

So it is about time someone made a true black and white only digital camera. No surprise Leica was the one to do it. It is a full frame 18 megapixel 35 mm digital camera. The sharpness an dynamic range are suppose to hold a major improvement over those color digital cameras of the same specs.  I am shocked at the price tag on it, $7,950! You can GO HERE to read an article on it.

May 2, 2012

Latest email promo

Well here it is! This email promo went out today. So maybe you were lucky enough to get it! If not you get to see it here. So either way it's a win win. Enjoy.