July 23, 2012

New email promo

For those of you who check the blog recently you probably have already seen the images in this promo.  This promo was emailed out last week.

July 18, 2012

Yep, here is another food post!

You shouldn't be surprised by yet another post of fantastic food photos. After all it is expected on this blog! The last one is my favorite. Enjoy...

July 13, 2012

July 18, 1992

Most of us have no idea of the significance that July 18, 1992 plays in each of our daily lives. It is a rather historic day and one we all should celebrate. It is the day the first photo ever was uploaded onto the internet! Silvano de Gennaro took this photo and passed it onto his coworker and internet creator Tim Berners-Lee. The rest is history. The funny thing is the photo is nothing spectacular. It is just a snapshot of a wannabe pop group that was then edited using Photoshop 1.0! As we approach the 20th anniversary of this day, take a moment and realize the long way we have come with our photo technology. And smile! 

Full story can be read HERE.

July 11, 2012

Women and Photography

So PDN recently came out with a new "women's magazine".  At first I thought, wow great a publication about what female photographers are doing! But then I saw it and was totally taken back. The publication tells nothing about what female photographers are up to. Instead it talks about what women should be wearing and furnishing their home and family life with. Being a female photographer in a world that was once dominated by men is hard enough. The last thing we need is a magazine pointing out that women only relate to make-up, fashion, goofy products with cameras on them, and babies. Nadia Sablin made a great point in her letter to The Nielsen Group.