August 15, 2012

Camera that recognizes your face by name!

We all know that technology has come a long way, and continues to keep evolving. This most definitely includes camera technology. One of the most recent developments is a camera called Facedeals. This camera takes your photo when you enter an establishment, recognizes your face, then checks you in on Facebook. Is technology going to far? Are we getting to the point where you can't even go some place with privacy? These are all questions we need to think about. With our advanced cell phones we are constantly connected to the world. You can be anywhere and just pop on Facebook without a computer. I value my privacy, and don't always want the world to know what I am doing. Whether this camera actually becomes available to the public is yet to be seen. Currently it is still undergoing testing, but it surely exists. For the full story on it CLICK HERE.

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