September 12, 2012

An ode to film

So much has happened since digital photography emerged. Taking pictures has become more accessible. With cell phone cameras improving everyone thinks they are a photographer, and what was considered a unique winning photo has declined. And... recently Kodak announced it will be selling off its film and paper photo business. This is sad news. Sad that not enough people have an interest in "old school" photography ways to keep it alive.

I started my professional career shooting film and polaroids, then moving on to digital. While digital is so much more convenient, there was just something about film that it will never possess. Maybe it was knowing that my whole shoot rested in those 4x5 sheets of film that I would rush to the lab. Always anxiously anticipating the processing results. Sitting at the light table reviewing them, and being so happy with the results was a great feeling. One that digital will never give me. There was a certain art and patience to shooting film that digital has over taken. Everyone assumes since it was shot digitally it is instantly available to them. Hurry up and process those raw files we need them now. I hear that all to often. I feel lucky to have been part of the film era. Those who skipped past it missed out on learning why photography is so amazing. While my digital system may give me better image quality than film (which don't get me wrong I love) it will never give me that unique film and paper processing smell from the darkroom.

For the full story on Kodak CLICK HERE

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