March 14, 2013

E-mail promo time!

Here is the latest email promo that went out last week. Enjoy.

March 5, 2013

Sugar Beets!

Sugar Beets are growing in popularity. They are mainly used to make sugar. You have probably bought sugar produced from these beets and didn't even know it. Unless the package of sugar you buy from the store says "Cane Sugar", it is made from sugar beets. Here are some of my favorite shots of them from a recent shoot.

March 1, 2013

Good news for Polaroid

It turns out that Instagram camera we all heard about will be becoming a reality. Polaroid has picked it up and is releasing it and accessories in early 2014. This is good news for Polaroid. Hopefully this will help get them back into the photography market that they once ruled. The camera looks pretty fun, and I think it will be a big hit among Instagrammers. You can visit HERE for the full story.