May 17, 2013

Being a photographer

I am often asked "how do I become a photographer?" or "what makes a good photographer?". Being a great photographer means you see things differently than those that are not. Every time I look at something I know I don't see it like the average person. I am constantly analyzing the way things look with each other, and the way things relate to each other. It is funny, people think once you are not looking thru the camera that instinct gets turned off. For me it doesn't. Sometimes this really annoys me. I can be in the most amazing destination, and all I think about is how to take the best picture of what I am looking at. It is really hard for me to turn that off and just enjoy the view/situation I am experiencing. This is one of those things I consider a blessing and a curse I guess you could say. On the one hand it is what has allowed me to take so many award winning photos, and yet on the other why I always wish I had more time just to look at things for what they are and nothing else.

I also think this is why some people find it so hard to be a photographer, even though they want to be more than anything. You either have the ability to see things in a different way or you don't. It is not something that can be taught. You instinctively have that sense to see moments as they happen in a different way, or that sense to see the design of a perfect photo forming in front of you when no-one else does.

I recently had to go down to DC, and as I was walking around the city I couldn't help but snap photos with my iPhone of what interested me. I do this constantly, and it is why I love cell phones with good cameras. To me it is my diary, it is what I will remember. It is how I satisfy my constant vision of seeing a photo in the making. I will also add that not all these visions end up making an interesting photo. Some don't end up working out the way I thought, or some also will work out better than I thought. It's just the way it goes.

Here are some favorites...

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