May 6, 2013

Hasselbald is forever...

One of my favorite cameras of all time is my 500 series Hasselblad. It has been with me since the middle of college to present day. I can't imagine not using it on a day to day basis. It has seen all the genres of "film". Those include Polaroid, actual film, and now it proudly wears a Phase One digital back. I cant even begin to count the amount of film that has gone through it. What I find the most interesting is it has shot my college work as well as many major jobs for big name clients. There are not many cameras you can have last a lifetime, but I know this is one. I might also add that my camera body itself turns 62 years old this year! That's right, 62!!

The Hasselbald V series was also one of the first cameras brought to the moon to photograph the lunar surface from 1969-1972. They are still up there today.

It is a shame Hasselblad is stopping production of the V series. I understand why, but it is still sad. Those cameras come with a lot of history, and are made unbelievably well. I can only hope the new H series are made just as well, and will continue to hold the Hasselblad name true. You can CLICK HERE for the full story on the discontinuation of the V series.

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